Patras MGA and Wholesale Services

February 28 2014

Patra’s reputation within the retail agency marketplace is as an effective processing partner that can allow retail agencies to be more flexible, agile and competitive. It’s always nice to hear from clients that we’ve improved their back-office, whether it’s by reducing workload on staff, improving client relationships or simply making the agency run smoother.

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What to Expect at a Follow up Visit

July 14 2013

An implementation of Patra services doesn’t end when the Client Service Manager leaves your office.  In fact, it’s only just beginning.  In the days, weeks and months that follow the initial engagement, both Patra and the agency are learning workflows, processes, systems and personalities. This is the foundation on which the partnership is…

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What to Ask Your Agency and Yourself Before Outsourcing

June 04 2013

At some point in its growth, every company evaluates whether they’d be better off performing a function on their own or utilizing a partner to either assist or take it completely off their plate. These days, there are a seemingly endless variety of technology, staffing and management tools available for today’s agency…

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The Key to Successful Implementations

April 03 2013

As an implementation manager for Patra, I’ve implemented more than 14 different services for over 10 clients over the last 3 years. While every implementation is unique, there are a number of challenges that all agencies face when adding Patra services. Some are organizational, some are personal. One blog post can’t address…

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How Agencies Drive Innovation

January 24 2012

In 2005, outsourcing meant only one thing to insurance agencies – augmenting staff with onshore or overseas personnel. In the years since, outsourcing options have evolved to serve a much broader range of agency needs, from scalability and cost to addressing entire business functions that were previously unprofitable.

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Doing What Matters, Part 2

January 17 2012

Last Thursday, I faced a dilemma: I wanted to build a bookcase after work. Unfortunately, when I left that morning, I realized that there wasn’t any dog food in the house, so I’d have to stop at the pet store after work and wouldn’t have time to build the bookcase.

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Doing What Matters

January 10 2012

Our industry is changing faster than ever. Regulation and legislation shift constantly. Clients and carriers ask agents to do more with less. Increased competition puts a premium on not just client acquisition, but on retention. The pace of acquisitions and mergers places pressure on agencies of all types, especially those…

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Why a Race Car?

January 01 2012

What is The RedLine? Simply enough, it is Patra’s new blog focused on sharing insights, thoughts and management anecdotes that might help an agency get the most out of their back office through outsourcing and managed services. We’ve named it The RedLine to reference that point at which an engine is working…

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